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How To Make A Diaper Wreath

A beautiful diaper wreath is an unusual, but simple in making present for all prospective mothers. It can serve as a decoration till the time it is necessary. For such a wreath you need less diapers as for a diaper cake, it takes much less space as it can be suspended on a wall or door. Easily, lovely and practically- what else one can wish?

How To Make

Unfold the diapers so they obtain a form of a long rectangular. Do not unbend the winglets and clasps; just unfold along the line of the main bend underneath.

Wrap a diaper around a supporting ring. Wrap the diaper so that the fold point is close to the centre of the ring, and the top part of the diaper is pointed outside. Fasten the diaper on the ring with the help of a light rib stitch. Do not wind the stitch round the base many times like you do with your hair, one wind is enough.

Do the same with other diapers. There are 2 ways: apply every new diaper overlapping the previous one. At the end there will be no space between the diapers and they will be a bit curled. When you come to the last diaper, put the stitch off the first diaper and tuck the last one in its edges.

Press the diapers to each other. Press every new diaper to the edge of the previous one.

Keep on adding diapers till the ring is fully covered. The method of overlapping is presented above.

Decorate the wreath with ribbons. Cut colourful ribbons into 3-45 cm segments. Bind the ribbons around the wreath. Take one ribbon of each colour, fold them together, so that they look like one, and wrap them over the wreath hiding the stitches.

Twist the ends of the ribbons separately.

Finish twisting running the scissors over the ribbons.

Apply different presents. A milk bottle is easily tied to the point of the nipple joint, the baby's dummy and set of toy keys are tied by the ringlet.


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