Kylie Diaz

How To Make A Lanyard

For weaving the lanyard the following things will be required to us:

  • five multi-colored laces and one separate for a framework;
  • scissors;
  • clothespin.

For a framework choose one lace (it is desirable neutral color), put it in half and on the ends make a knot. Press other five cords with a clothespeg for convenience of work.

Begin weaving with formation of knot.

Insert a framework into the created knot and let out a loop.

Now the knot can be tightened.

Make sure your framework is inside the knot.

In the same way spin further knots untill you create the sufficient length of your lanyard.

The original lanyard is almost ready.

Accurately remove a clothespeg, and carefully put the ends of laces inside the lanyard.

You can hang up a finished lanyard on your keys.


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