Adelyn Elliott

Crochet Bracelet

I use the plastic placemat as a basis for the bracelet. Pros of a placemat: it is plastic (not cardboard), therefore, it is flexible and durable; its width is equal to the bracelet length, and the material is thin enough. Briefly, I recommend you to use it as a basis.

Cut a strip of about 3-4 cm wide, try it on the hand and staple the ends.

You will get something like this:

By the way, if someone has ideas about what can replace iron staples, share it with me. It is very inconvenient to sew together the doily’s ends, because it’s very thick. However, it is highly desirable to wash the bracelet without running a risk of getting rusty stains from the staples.

Now add some volume. I used a piece of coat cloth that was at handy. Fortunately, it is bright and neither loses it color nor shows through the crochet pattern. The width of the strip is double the width of the plastic basis. Do not exceed this width! You don’t need any allowances, as the cloth is stretchy, it’s better to pull it tight on the bracelet. Measure the cloth’s size on the wrong side of the bracelet in order to pull it tight when sewing.

Sew together the edges. The bracelet is smooth and sleek. I bet that nobody will guess how it is manufactured.

Now proceed to knitting. Take the smallest size of needles in order to make the knitting as dense as possible. It is better to knit a strip with a smaller width, as you will be always able to pull it on the bracelet. It is much more difficult to hide the excess of your knitting. Take a small pattern to repeat it even times on the strip.

Sew the strip into a ring, pull it on the bracelet and sew inside selvage stitches. As a result, you will have an even seam on the wrong side of the bracelet. The finished bracelet:


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