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Crochet Necklace

Every fashionmonger wants to have beautiful and trendy jewelry, especially if it is unique in the kind. Even more so sometimes, it’s not reasonable to spend so much money on jewelry. However, you can make DIY jewelry. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make an original crocheted necklace. The manufacture of this beautiful accessory won’t take a lot of time.

For the manufacture of the necklace we will need cotton yarn, plastic rings of 3 cm (1.2 inch) in diameter, beads, a hook and a needle with a wide eye.

In order to determine the number of spare parts, arrange the layout of our future necklace on the table, keep in mind that each ring will use one bead. The length is adjusted by increasing the number of rings.

Cast the beads on the working thread, it will ease the process. A needle with a wide eye fits perfectly for this purpose. It's better to add extra beads, in case if you will want to increase the necklace’s length in the process of work.

Begin single crocheting the rings. You will need about 27-30 pieces to spread evenly in order to avoid holes in between.

Completing the half of each ring, move a bead close to the ring and crochet it through the back loop, then move to the next ring. Therefore, you need to crochet around half of each ring.

At this point, you can see the length of the necklace and decide whether you want to increase it.

When you select the length, close the ring and start crocheting around the remaining halves of the rings. Thus, you need to complete crocheting around all the rings. Crochet three chains in the beaded intervals.

Our chic crocheted necklace is finished. You can decorate it with bows or ribbons or attach a pendant.


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