Lilliana Newman

Easy Crocheting A Bracelet

When it grows towards chilly autumn you should probably want not just to put on a warm crocheted sweater, but also to decorate yourself with the proper costume jewelry. And here you have to use again your needlework skills and, particularly, ability to crochet. For getting crocheted autumn bracelet you need the following:

  • a bracelet basis. You can buy plastic and wooden bracelets of different width. We have used, for example, inexpensive luminous bangle which has eventually ceased to glow in the darkness and has lost its relevance;
  • a good yarn. It is desirable that every small section of it has been painted particularly, that guarantees interesting pattern on a crocheted fabric;
  • a crocheting hook of the proper size;
  • a sewing needle;
  • decorative bijouterie pendants. We, for example, have made such pendants of a copper wire by side cutting pliers, gripping tongs and round pliers.

The first your need to make is to suspend pendants on a thread. It is necessary to make it before you begin crocheting as well as to move them nearer to the hank. To make such pendants as ours, it is necessary for a start to smooth out the end of a wire and to twist it in a hard spiral by means of round pliers. About one and a half centimeters of the other wire end must be kept free. Then twist a free end in a ring, in the opposite direction with respect to the main spiral direction.  So, you just get a simple but effective pendant.

Now you should crochet a chain of 6 chain stitches and fix it in a ring around your bracelet basis. Then it will be necessary to crochet only in height. If your bracelet basis is one-piece, then you have to twist crocheted fabric so that it won't allow the skein threads to get tangled. The bracelet, which we had made earlier, had a dismountable structure enabling to crochet an initial part of the crocheted fabric two centimeters high and to put it on the bracelet basis just only after that.

If your yarn is self-striping, pay careful attention to the placement of the pattern for you could get an imperceptible seam after stitching ready-made crocheted fabrics. And just move up the pendant closely to crocheting in the place where you intend to have it on your bracelet. Then place the pendant on the face side and continue crocheting with a thread after ornamenting.

When you have finished crocheting, just fix the thread and stitch both ends of crocheted fabric by the needle. Such bracelet crocheted by a hook has been made easily and quickly, and, this being the most important, you can make lots of them. Only a small amount of yarn would be needed for this work, and it is possible to utilize each remained unnecessary clew by furnishing all of your girlfriends with autumn bracelets.


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