Isabella Brown

How To Make Cabinet Doors

Doors of the cabinets either make the way your bathroom or kitchen looks better or make them look worse. The key to success are the skills of the foreman and the materials that are used to make the doors.


1. Choose a type of door you want to make. There are 2 main types of cabin doors: simple panel doors and doors with ledges along the perimeter. These types are the most popular. You should consider the speed and frequency with which the door are opened. Also consider the in-service life and how easy it is to clean and maintain the doors.

2. Choose the material out of which you want to make the doors, The majority of panel doors is made out of plywood. Use MDF – a wool-fiber plate of medium thickness. Use either MDF that can be coloured or a woody texture MDF.

3. Use a wooden plate to make panel doors. This kind of plate is made of pasted wood chips. You should, however, know that not all people can afford it.

Put the marks according to a certain size on to the piece of wood.

  • Using either a simple saw or a traditional saw, cut out the details.
  • Sand the edges of the details with the sand-paper. You may choose the grain size of the sand-paper according to your liking.
  • Set up the loops and door handles on the place where they should be.
  • Now you can fasten the door to the cabinet.


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