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How To Make A Kite

Despite the fact that more than 2000 years have passed since the appearance of a first kite its classic design has not changed much. Let's try to make a kite in a few hours.

Materials For Creating A Kite

We will need:

  • Cigarette paper;
  • Duct tape or transparent tape;
  • Two sticks with a minimum length of 56 cm;
  • Bright paper for gift wrapping of plastic;
  • Prod;
  • Round file;
  • Pencil;
  • Knife;
  • Brushes;
  • Paint;
  • Small Saw;
  • Cord;
  • Scissors;
  • Side cutting pliers.

Let’s Create A Frame For Our Kite

Cut off the sticks to get a 1 stick 55 cm long and the second one 50 cm long.

Draw a line exactly in the middle of a 50-centimeter-stick.

Using a round file make a small indentation in the middle of the stick.

Carefully do parallel cuts in the sticks. Try to do them in parallel at both ends.

You can paint the sticks in any bright color.

Let’s Create The Kite Tail

Here you can show some imagination because the larger, longer, harder the tail is the more stable the flight of a kite will be.

Cut a fringe out of gift wrapping paper as shown in the picture above.

Twist the fringe around the rail and seal it with tape.

Remove the stick.

Mark the center of 55 cm stick.

Connect the frame in the middle.

Wind the thread on the frame in the pre-prepared cuts in the ends of the sticks.

Draw the thread and tightly fix it.

Try to keep the perpendicular.

Let’s Cut Out The Body Of A Kite

Place the paper on a flat surface and put the frame of a kite on it. Draw the kite frame around but not exactly as it is but with 2-3 cm over-measure.

In the corners of our pattern mark the corners of the frame as shown in the picture.

Cut off the corners and fold over the protruding parts.

Tie them to the frame with tape.

Reinforce the angles with the adhesive tape as well.

Join The Tail Of A Kite

Pass the thread through the tail.

Join the tail to the kite.

Now Make A Leash

This is a very important part of the work as it determines how well your kite will soar.

Make a small incision on the 55 cm stick approximately 15 cm from its bottom and a little above the middle of the second one.

Carefully cut a hole in the paper.

We will need to strengthen the spots where we cut through the paper so using the adhesive tape we will create platforms as shown in the picture.

Strengthen the holes using them.

Pass the thread through the holes.

Tie the string as shown in the picture.

It is better to knot it like this so you could adjust the angle slightly during the test.

Our Kite Is Ready To Fly

Here is our kite. Let’s wish him a successful flight.


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