Ximena Henry

How To Make A Bun With A Sock

The ideal bun seems to be impracticable but with such a simple solution it will not tumble down any longer. Follow these steps with a help of a clean sock, and you will be able to make a trendy and functional classical bun.

1. Choose a sock. You should better take one without a pair – it is not useful any more. Do not use a sock which still can be put on. The ideal variant is an up to the anklebone sock or one that reaches the mid-shin. The longer sock can get pleated. Shorter socks hold the bun firmer and do not let it fall apart.

  • Take a sock that does not tear apart and spread threads right and left.
  • The sock that matches your hair color is the best one.

2. Cut off the front part of a sock. With sharp scissors cut the part of the sock from the fingers’ side. Your aim is to get a tourniquet out of the sock, so that cut as much as necessary for it. Keep on cutting along the seam, if possible. That is why you will get a precise, even cut.

3. Collect your hair in a ponytail. Shape the sock into a ring or doughnut and pull on the ponytail. Thread the end of the pony tail into it, pay attention that all the hair must be collected inside.

4. Stretch the sock to the base of the pony tail. When your hair is inside the sock pull it as close to the roots as possible. Tuck the hair in around the sock and get it into the middle of the sock.

5. Roll the sock down. Keep the hair inside and stretch the sock down. So that the hair make a ring around the sock. Turn the sock to make it fully hidden with the hair.

6. Finish making the bun. When the sock reaches the base of the ponytail, stretch it by the edges in order to hide under the hair. Use hairpins to fasten the bun, if it is not firm or unstable. Add some fixation with a hairspray.


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