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How To Make A Hacky Sack

A few years ago the youth had had a new hobby – the hacky sack. The essence of game consists in tamping of a small knitted ball legs and other parts of a body, except hands and transfer to other players.

Hacky sacks can be in various coloring therefore it is always possible to find something on your own taste. To have the unique ball, it is possible to make it with your own hands easily.

The following will be necessary for us for creation of a hacky sack:

  • threads;
  • hook;
  • pin or marker;
  • scissors and a needle with a thread;
  • filler. As a filler it is possible to use grain (rice, buckwheat, peas).

Process of production of a hacky sack.

First of all it is necessary to connect 5 air loops. Such quantity is optimum because if to make them more, then too big circle through which the filler will get enough sleep as a result is formed.

When pull for the end of a thread, the small circle which will be the beginning of a sack will turn out.

Then in a loop where a hook, cling a pin and we begin to knit columns without yarn over to noted loop.

After that begin to add loops. For this purpose make two columns without yarn over in every 2nd loop of the previous row. Knit to a pin.

Then make two columns without yarn over in every 3rd loop. So make also other ranks, until you won't understand yet that the size already sufficient. In our case two columns without yarn over have turned out in every 8th loop.

After that knit simple columns without yarn over in each loop. It is possible not to consider ranks, and just to look approximately how many there will be enough ranks of a sack. Usually 8-10 rows match. When knitting it is necessary to watch that threads adjoined densely to each other that there were no holes.

Having connected necessary quantity of rows, reduce the size of our sack. As the last addition was done on every 8th loop, also make a decrease at first on 8.

Further it is necessary to make a decrease on the 7th loop, 6 and further, yet don't reach the end. After everything done in a ball there will be a small opening.

In this opening accurately fill a filler. It is possible to place previously in hacky sack a capron sock and already in it to fill grain to reduce probability of dispersal of a filler.

After a filler was filled, it is necessary to knit the remained opening or to sew it with threads. Now ours hacky sack is ready!


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