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How To Draw Airplanes

It is not so difficult to draw military or passenger aircrafts and even children can do that. In order to draw a picture of an airplane, you just need to know its major construction characteristics. The complexity is to keep the exact proportions of the wing and the tail sections of the plane in the drawing. The warplanes are slightly different from the passenger planes. They have a different shape, especially fighters, and extra appliances, like weapons, missiles, etc. In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a military plane in the sky in stages with a pencil.

1. How to draw the main lines of the body of the aircraft

To begin, draw the contour lines of the plain’s main parts. By the way, the first steps of drawing are conveniently done with a ruler. First of all, draw a long straight horizontal line. On the right edge of the line, for the future cockpit you need to draw a square outline. On both sides of the line draw lines for the wings. Next, on the edge of the main line you need to draw two extensive lines of the rear wings of the military aircraft, and two underwing flap outlines next to them.

2. Draw the basic aircraft parts

Now you need to draw the plane as the main outlines of all of its parts, outlining the previous contours. Start from the front part (the nose) of the airplane. The shape of the front part should be pointed, similar to the rocket. From this part start to draw the contours of the wings. Then dribble the back side of the wings in the area of the underwing flaps. Then start drawing the tail section. Delineate the two pairs of smaller wings, like you did with the previous ones. Behind them, in the rear part of the plane, there are turbines, so mark these jet engines with pencil Jet too.

3. Add the details of the nose

Now begin to draw the plane in detail starting with the nose. To start, separate the nose of the plane with a semicircular line. Note that the front part continues to the wings in the form of a “step”. From the square outline of the cockpit make a capsule shape with partitions for glasses.

4. How to draw the wings

In this step, you need to draw the wings of the plane in details. First, from the median in the area of the wings draw two other line. Then draw the front and back flaps on the wings. Draw small rockets around the edges of the wings. Check if you forgot to draw something in the area of the wings of a fighter, perhaps you want to draw markings or a flag of your country.

5. Add the last details to the picture of the plane

At this point, we remove all unnecessary lines from the picture and add final details to the picture. Draw the turbine, with which the flight is performed, in details. To emphasize the dynamics of the aircraft, you can draw the smoke coming out from the turbine.
Now the picture of the plane is almost complete.

6. Coloring a military aircraft

You still have to paint the hull and wings of the plane with special camouflage pattern. Camouflage is commonly used for terrestrial military equipment, but sometimes war fighters use this coloring as well. It is because the planes not always fly, they often stand on the airfield, and this coloration makes them less visible from the air. For camouflage you must use three tones of the same color. There will be less dark areas than lighter ones, and they will be surrounded with a lighter color.


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