Arabella Nichols

Free Easy Crochet Patterns

In order to have a sample of the pattern we crochet a chain of stitches (the number of chain stitches should be so that you can divide it in 4). We also make 5 loops in order to create the edge and 1 loop for the pattern to be symmetrical.

The 1st row: get a bunch of 3 double crochets into the 6th loop of the row, 1 chain stitch. Miss 3 loops in the row * 3 treble crochets in one loop, 1 chain stitch, miss 3 loops in the row, *3 treble crochets in one loop;

The 2nd row: 3 chain stitches to create the edge, *3 treble crochets into the arc under the chain stitch, 1 chain stitch, *3 treble crochets into the last chain stitch;

The third and all the rest rows are crocheted like the second one.

A Scheme For Crocheting The Pattern

A simple pattern made out of double crochets. The double crochets are crocheted so that both sides of a loop. You need to make 2 turning chains.

This pattern is crocheted with the help of single crochets. The pattern is tight, the form of it is saved. As always, we start with chain stitches. The first single crochet is crocheted into the second (from the crochet itself) loop (1 turning chain).

The 1st row: 1 turning chain, * 1 single crochet connected to one side of the loop*;

The 2nd row: 1 turning chain, * 1 single crochet “into the loop”*.

All the rest rows are crocheted like the 2nd one.

The scheme for crocheting the pattern


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