Adriana Ryan

Crochet Dolls

Various crochet fruits, vegetables, animals and amigurami dolls are nowadays a hobby for many needlewomen, If you’re a beginner in this, this masterclass on crochet dolls is for you. There are enough schemes on crochet dolls, we suggest you making a funny beautiful doll in stockings.

We’ll need:

  • acryl needles of bright colours (330 m. /100g);
  • a crochet №2;
  • wadding/polyester batting.

Symbols used in the scheme:

1. Let’s crochet the body of the doll:

2. Now, let’s crochet the head;

3. Cast off, cut off the needle and hide the end of it into this detail of the article.

4. Now, let’s create hands and arms:

We do not have to stuff the arms and hands with wadding too much. The fist itself should be stuffed more. Close the hole by connecting the edges together and tying them with each other.

5. It’s time for creating feet:

6. Then, we go on crocheting the legs of the doll. We crochet up spirally.

7. Now, crochet the hairdo. In our case, there are nice curls.

8. Finally, we only need to connect the parts of our beautiful doll together. We do it by stitching arms, legs and hairdo to its body.

Now you know how to crochet a doll. However, do not forget that you also need to make a dress. You can crochet it on your own.


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