Valerie Medina

Entrelac Crochet

Entrelac is build on the technique of half-crocheting. That’s why there are no traditional edge loops here. They are replaced by the edge loops we have as a result of crocheting rhombuses. Since an article crocheted according to this technique consists of rhombuses a side of it will serve as a pattern.

For example, this is what we’ll have:

  • The 1st row: 10+1+10
  • The second row: 9+3 (together)+9
  • The third row: 8+3 (together)+8
  • The fourth row: 7+3 (together)+7

The last row (the top of a rhombus): 3 last loops together.

Then, we need to go down from the top:

10 loops+10 loops+1 loop+10 loops. This is the way we form a new square rhombus. And start everything once again!

You may crochet in circles if you are making a skirt, a top, a sweater or anything that doesn’t have a zip fastener. In other words, you simply connect the last squares of the 1st row together and go on crocheting in circles.


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