Rachel Hicks

Half Double Crochet

Half double crochet (HDC) is a quite common way to knit. It is a simple loop and most of the beginners should learn how to make it for a short time.

Half Double Crochet

1. Take the thread. Wrap it around the crotchet in order to form a loop from the back to the front.

2. Add the loop to the stitch. Insert the tip of the crotchet into the loop that you want to apply the half double crochet to.

3. Take the thread. Wrap it around the tip of the crochet from the back a bit below the tip’s hole.

4. Make one more cycle. Draw the thread back to the front of the loop. This should turn the thread above the loop.

5. Take a thread. Wrap it above the tip of the crochet once moving from the back to the front.

6. Cast on all the three loops. Draw the thread through the loops on the crotchet.

Making The Chain's Base

1. Make the base of the chain. Attach the thread to the crotchet with a slipknot and form the chain’s base, which is one loop bigger than the half double crochet in your first chain.

2. Make the first two chain loops. Doing the preparation make the double crochet while making the three chains from your crotchet. Skip the first two chains and work with the third chain’s stitch.

3. Working with the double crochet. Make a half of the double loop with the crotchet following the instructions from the section HDC of this article.

4. Make another half of the double crochet. You should skip any stitches in the next half an hour. Do the half double crochet in the next stitch of your base.

5. Repeat for the whole chain. To complete the row of the double loops keep on making them until you reach the last loop of the chain. Don’t miss a stitch; make every half of the double crochet right near the loop you’ve just made.

Working With The Other Stitch

1. Make a turning chain. Make two loops of the loop on the crotchet to complete the turning chain.

2. Make a stitch. Make the first half of the double loop of the previous row. While working with the loop you will apply the double crochet to the previous row.

3. Apply the double crochet to the next stitch. Do the standard procedure of the double crochet making the second stitch of the previous row. When you insert the crotchet into the stitch do it with front-to-rear movement and make sure that it passes through the two upper loops of the previous row.

4. Repeat it and form the row. To complete the whole double crochet row work with the two loops of the previous row. Repeat this step until you make it to the end.


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