Hannah Walker

How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage

Before proceeding to making the cage for guinea pig you need to buy the necessary materials.

You will need:

  • layered corrugated cardboard;
  • metal grille (holes not more than 3 cm);
  • a  package of plastic cable ties;
  • stationery knife;
  • scotch;
  • scissors;
  • measuring tape or ruler;
  • pencil.

We proceed to making a cage for one guinea pig. The minimum living space must be 0.7 square meters, it is in centimeters 700x100, but the bigger the cage, the better.

Draw on the cardboard a base of a box. Leave from the edges by 15 cm, these will be the flanges.

Cut out by stationery knife the corrugated cardboard on the lines and start making a box.

From metal grates make panels that height should be twice the height of the flanges. Connect them together using the ties.

Assemble separately each side and adjust by length. Then fasten side grilles to the base. Our cage is ready.


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