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5 DIY Projects for Dogs Made with Love

Hey, what's up? Wanna cool story?

I've got my brightest happiness and biggest misery at home! My gold labrador retriever Sasha. She's a kind of a very active and playful pet, so she needs someone to look after her almost all the time (especially when she starts gnawing table legs... oh...).

Crafting is my other love, and I always try to bring to life (and home) some new handmade ideas seen by me online. Sasha is my inspiration ^^ All these textile, felt or rubber things and toys for pets are very cute, bright, ecological, inexpensive and, what’s more important, made with love! I've got the whole archive full of DIY projects for animals! Now I want to share some of them with you.

Hope here are other dog lovers, like me, so we can share the ideas how to make our dogs' lives more comfortable, interesting and creative.

Check out the list!

Chair Dog Dish Holders: Does your dog make a mess during dinnertime? Solve that problem by getting the bowls off the ground! Fast and easy.

Denim Dog Toy: Sturdy and cheap toy that your dog will have a hard time destroying! Try this knotted denim toy to save shoes and chairs legs at your home.

Hidden Dog Bowls: Hate the way your dog’s dishes stand on the floor? You can creatively stash them away in an old dresser drawer! Be careful when your dog gets hungry. It can howl. No, it’s not a joke, really.

Pup Popsicle: Freeze your dog’s favorite toys into a bucket and watch them spend hours licking away to find them. (Good for hydration, too!) Also try to do this with its favorite food.

T-Shirt Dog Toy: I’ll learn you how to make a tug toy out of old t-shirts in my next post, OK? Now just watch the pic!

OK, this is not the end of my list, and I’m waiting for your likes and comments to talk more about DIY projects for pets.

Cheers! ^^


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