Jade Tucker

Origami Pig

You can add a pretty origami pig that you made with your own hands to your original toys collection. A lovely pink snout between the plump cheeks, curly ears and tail testify to the noble birth of the piggy. Handmade hyacinths will add much to the image and remind that every swineherd is a genuine prince under the surface. Fold the square diagonally and fold the upper corner down.

Open the right part holding the folded left corner and fold the triangle layer inside.

Mark two fold lines in the right part of the blank. The first line divides the upper corner in halves. The second one is formed by leveling the right corner’s top with the upper corner’s top. Unfold it.

Fold the right corner in.

Fold in the corners of the upper and the lower layers. Unfold the upper corner of the blank and carefully press the crease.

Press the upper corner inside the blank. If the paper is stiff, you’ll have to crumple it.

Raise the right part of the blank and draw the loose layer up.

Fold the marked corners from both sides.

Raise the right part of the blank. Fold the adjacent sides of the loose layer inside making a «rabbit’s ear». Bend if down a little. It will do a nice pig tail.

Proceed to transforming the right part. Bend the upper layer to the right:

Then to the left:

Then to the right marking the fold line for the future pig ears:

Transform the concave folds to convex folds and fold in the ear:

Bend it to the right.

Do the same moves to the right side.

Make the spout. Fold in the right corner of the creature not pressing the sides because they should stay rounded like plump pig cheeks.

Fold the corners between the ears; they should hold the lower layers.

Check the result:

Bend the ears to the back:

Raise the spout’s corner up:

And form a diamond snout:

Proceed to forming the legs. Put the blank upside down.

Give the shape to the bottom:

Check the result.

Give shape to the ears curling them down then up. Fold two front strips making them rounded.

Curl the tail and the origami pig is ready.


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