Jayla Lane

How To Draw Jesus

Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. He gives people hope, trust and confidence in themselves. Below is a recommendation on how to draw Him.


1. Draw the outline of the cross. They will serve you as a basis for drawing the body. But draw by very small fine lines, so that later they can be easily erased.

2. Draw the outline of the head and hands. At the top of the vertical line, draw an oval for the head. Mark the position of the eyes, nose and mouth. Also, draw two ovals for the hands on the ends of the horizontal line.

3. Draw a large triangle. This is the basis for drawing the upper part of the body.

4. Draw a wavy line from the top of the head to the shoulders. This will be the hair. Also add these lines at the bottom of the oval for the image of a beard.

5. Draw eyes on the level of the first horizontal line of the head. Above them, draw eyebrows. Add a tiny wavy line below to depict the nose.

6. Draw long lines of clothes. The sleeves should be long and wide.

7. Circle all the lines of the image. Erase the guiding lines.


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