Evangeline Holland

How To Make A Figurine Out Of Wax Crayons

Probably, the broken wax crayons are available throughout all homes, where any kinds have access to. Those crayons are inconvenient to draw, and it is unpleasant to put them to proper use. But it's so exciting to use them not for designated purpose. For example, you may collect all broken pieces of wax crayons and melt them into a big wax figurine. And of course it would be possible to draw using this figurine with advantage.

For a wax figurine it is required:

  • broken wax crayons;
  • silicone baking mold;
  • an oven.

1. Break large pieces of wax crayons into smaller ones and put them in the silicone mold.

2. Put the mold filled with pieces of wax crayons in the oven at a temperature of 60 - 100 degrees. Wait till this aggregation starts melting and will finally fill up the voids in the mold.

3. Take the mold out from the oven, then put it aside and keep waiting until wax becomes hard enough.

4. Extract your figurine from the silicone mold. And let's go to play and draw with it!


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