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How To Make Ice Sculptures

Ice sculpture is the fine art item made from ice. Though the core of it is water, the ice offers to maintain the clear lines and awesome three-dimensional visualization. Below, you can find the description of how to make the delicate sculpture from ice using the simplest method.

Step 1: Make the design

Our sculpture comprises of two circles. You have to use peculiar molds to create them. This method does not allow casting in closed molds since water expands when it is frozen. That’s why you need to use open molds. The picture shows the first mold design. The arrows indicate the place where water is poured. The mold №2 will embrace the mold №1 as it is shown in the picture.

Step 2: Materials you need

  • Plastic sheet of 0.5 mm in thickness. It should be strong enough to secure the mold when it is filled in with water but thin enough to be cut with scissors;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Scissors;
  • A marker;
  • A round die for the proper circle (plates, bowls, etc.);
  • A freezing chamber;
  • Boiled water to get clear ice;
  • Any additional items to keep the mold in vertical plane.

Step 3: Cutting plastic elements

You need to cut out the following:

  • Two pieces of 5 cm in width and 63.5 cm in length (outer circle);
  • Two pieces of 5 cm in width and 42 cm in length (inner circle);
  • Two pieces of 25*25 cm (frames);
  • Two pieces of 2. 5 cm in width and 5 cm in length (fastening);

Step 4: Mold №1

Roll up two cylinders from strips of 5 cm in width and fasten the ends together. Make sure you get the proper circle. Couple the plastic pieces using the adhesive tape. Glue the small cylinder to the support plate using the hot glue gun. The adhesive tape will secure it in the proper place until the glue hardens. Then, remove the strip and completely seal all seams.

Glue the bigger cylinder to the base. Right now you have to check the tightness of all joints.

Step 5: Mold №2

When you make the second mold, you repeat the procedure above step by step. You need to crop the base when the two molds are put together. Cut the angle to displace elements at ease.

Step 6: Fill in the first mold with water and put it into the freezing chamber.

Check the molds for leakage prior to putting them into the freezing chamber. Use empty cups and other containers to keep the mold in the horizontal plane.

Tips: molds should be filled in and frozen in several stages. If you fill in the molds to the upper point at once, the surface will be irregular.

Step 7: Turn around, fill in and freeze the mold №2

As soon as the water in the mold №1 is frozen, turn the mold №2 around and fill it in with water as above.

Step 8: Remove molds

When the second circle gets frozen, remove the molds. To do that, you have to slash the support plate in the mold№1. To re-use it, you may remove the glue remainders and use it again.

Step 9: Impressive art

Tips: Place the sculpture onto the sand paper to prevent its sliding.


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