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How To Make A Fairy House

According to a legend, if you built a fairy house and leave it in your garden, it may attract fairies. However, even if you don’t believe in legends, this will still be a fantastic and creative process. Anyone who likes miniatures and nice little accessories for garden will love it. In addition, this is a perfect opportunity to get children involved in the process.

Making A Project Of A Fairy House

1. Imagine the way your fairy house looks. Before you start making a project, choose the style of the house.

2. Make a sketch of your house on a sheet of paper. Think of where there will be windows, doors, corridors and chimney.

3. Decide on what materials you’ll use to build your house of. You may use cardboard boxes for milk, feeders for birds, cardboard, wood brushwood. They will perfectly match to be used for the frame of the house.

Taking The Necessary Materials

1. Take the necessary materials and bring them in the garden. Take leaves, moss, pebbles, acorns, brushwood, hay and other material that are provided to you by nature. They will be used for the decoration of the house.

The Building Of A Fairy House

1. Make the frame of the house (not necessarily). Take a piece of an old cardboard or wooden leftovers and decorate the house so that it looks like an item taken from a street. The house should perfectly blend in with the surroundings of a street. Use moss as a kind of grass. Make miniature trees out of brushwood and cobblestones out of pebbles.

2. Assemble the details of the house together. Glue cardboard, wood and other details with the help of a hot glue gun or, for example, a carpenters glue. you can make towers out of twisted up in a pipe table napkins, tooth gel tubes or anything else. You may use whatever you wish. For example,

- Put the brushwood together so that you get a timbered hat, as a result. Put two brushwood pieces in parallel. Then put two more on them. They should cross the ones that are underneath. You need to get a rectangular with its edges crossed.

- If you build a street fairy house, make the walls and the roof. Then, cover it’s all with soil so that you have a round-shaped hut of a hobbit. Glue flat stones to the walls of the house. They should be looking like walls made out of stone. Put moss on the roof. Leave a hole for the door and take a simple bamboo stick, a twig or a thin reed to make a chimney.

The Decoration Of The Fairy House

1. Create a fairytale world inside the house. By strewing the floor of the house with leaves or sand, you make a soft carpet. You may take moss for this use. Make a hammock out of the fern leaves or a piece of stocking. Also, you may hang the blinds made out of pieces of cloth. By turning a cup or a saucer upside down, you’ll make a table. Use conical heads as bowls.

- For example, you may take in the garden a couple of dry, thin and thick brushwood pieces and make a table out of them. Break them up in 4 pieces and glue them so that you have a rectangular frame of a needed size. Once the frame gets dry, glue brushwood pieces on its upper part.

- Making furniture out of clay is much more easier, but it won’t look so country-like. However, there aren’t any special instructions for it. You need to just carefully blind a piece of furniture using a piece of clay that then should be baked to solidify or the clay that solidifies on air.

2. Decorate the house with the materials you gathered previously. Having done the frame of the house, set the doors, decorate it with wavy plants etc.

3. The house is ready.


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