Savannah Adams

How To Make A Heating Pad

The method of a heating pad making, kinds of its filling and ways of its use feature the content of this short video-lesson. From simple and accessible materials, one can make a real heating pad smooth to the touch. And its exterior can be made absolutely any one you like.

You will just need the following:

  • 1 m of the cotton white fabric;
  • 1 m of the cotton colored fabric (for external covering);
  • 1 kg of rice;
  • Scissors;
  • A sewing machine.

Take the white (lining) cloth, double it, measure a square of 30*30 in proportions and scissor it out. Further, take the colored cloth, but this time fold it in three. As it will be a pillowcase, measure the square with 32 cm in its side.

Fold double the white cloth and stitch it in three sides by a sewing machine. The stitches must be shallow. One side shouldn`t be sewn together, turn the pillow to the face. Pour rice into the resulted pouch.

Fold - under the free part of the pocket inside and sew together to quilt the rice there. Make the same shallow stitches.

Now, sew a pillowcase. Measure 2,5 cm from the edge of the colored cloth, fold it twice inside and stitch it.

Fold the cloth in three outside by the back side, and put the stitched edge above. Sew together from two sides in order to join edges.

Turn the sewn pillowcase on the face and put it on the pillow with rice.

The pad is made. The rice, which is inside it, retains any temperature. To warm your heating pad, just heat it in a microwave oven for about 2-3 minutes. To get a cold pad, put it to a freezer.


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