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How To Make A Bat House

A bat house can be a useful thing! For example, it can be used in your garden. Meanwhile birds help you get rid of pests during the day, you can rely in bats to do the same during nighttime. All prejudices about bats appeared as a result of human’s bright imagination and fantasy. They have nothing in common with Batman or vampires. Bats are small animals that feed on insects and pests. They are very useful and they need protection.

Such like houses are called «bat-box» abroad. They are extremely popular and the cost is only 20-30 Euro per box. Bats are considered to be the best when it comes to fighting with mosquitos. We are, actually, quite capable of making such like houses with our own hands.

There are lots of various bat house designs. Usually a bat hose is a simple narrow box that has an opening from underneath. There is no need to polish the inner walls of the box. This way the bats will have something to cling onto. By nailing fillets on the inner wall of the box, you may create some rough places or you may cut out horizontal slots with the help of a chisel. Below you can see an example. The sizes are also given.

Design And The Order Of Assembling A Bat House

The elements of a bat house construction.

We assemble the back part of the house.

We need to set the font wall up.

One last stroke is left. We need to set the visor up.

Important: don’t forget about artificial roughness on the back side of the house.

You may hang your bat house on the stem of a tree or on the wall of a building (the height should be not less than 3 m.). The higher you put it, the better. Out of all trees, coniferous trees are more preferable. If you hang your house on a building’s wall, make sure that the artificial light from it doesn’t fall on the house. The house should be hanged on a sunny side. North and north – eastern sides are not good for it. It’ll be even better if there’s a pond near the house.


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