Madison Rodriguez

How To Draw A Seagull

The seagull is a bird living by the sea, sometimes you can see it on the water, it eats fish, crabs, shrimps and different waste. That’s why you can meet them at dump sites, too.

Draw a circle and the body. The seagull has pointed top and bottom. Then draw a beak and eyes. Erase the circle; we do not need it any more.

Draw the tail and wings. The wing that is closer to us is very long compared with the body (it is twice as long as the body without the tail). Do not be afraid to draw it big.

Refine the wings and draw paws. The paws are close together.

Now draw the upper leg starting from the paw. Then draw feathers on the wings and tail.

Remove unnecessary lines. This is how a seagull looks like. To make it more realistic proceed to the next image.

Draw shadows. The bottom part is very dark; the wings’ edges are black. A shadow from the wing falls on the body. You can distinguish long feathers on the second wing. Refine the feathers around the head and on the body. To draw shadows properly consult the original picture.


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