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How To Make An Upholstered Headboard

Of course, you can get such a soft headboard on request. Still, it will be more entertaining to plunge into this creative process yourself and have all your family members involved. Then, each time the article catches your eye, you’ll fell proud of your creation.

You’ll need:

  • A board of plywood of the required size and shape;
  • A polyester batting;
  • Cords, buttons and a piece of thick cloth. The colour of the cloth should be pleasant to eye;
  • A caoutchouc cement;

Some instruments: a drill and a pneumatic stapler gun with clamps.

The order of your actions will be the following

1. To start with, we glue a piece of foam-rubber on a board of plywood. We do it with the help of a caoutchouc cement.

2. Then, we put a piece of paper on it. There should be holes drawn on it and then cut out. These holes will be the places where the buttons will be fastened. We should outline these holes.

3. On the marked places we drill the holes.

4. We glue polyester batting to the foam-rubber. We make holes for the buttons on the foam-rubber. (We marked the places).

5. Now we tightly pull the cloth and using a drill make holes on it up to the very end of the cloth. Through these holes, we will put the cords.

6. Having put the cords through the buttons, we get them through the straight-through holes we cut out. You may use a hook of an appropriate size to do it. You may either take decorative buttons or wrap around buttons a piece of cloth that we’ll use for the upholstery of the headboard. If you choose to go this way, you’d better buy special fasteners in a fittings shop or have them made on request.

Then, we should tightly tighten up the cords with the buttons on them. As a result, the buttons should get exactly in the holes we cut out. The ends of the cords should be fastened with a pneumatic stapler gun from the underneath. Before you do it, knot them with each other in different directions. This way you’ll fasten the whole construction more tightly.

7. The last stage is the fastening of the created article. We fasten hooks to the wall and hang our new, soft headboard on them.

This technique may seem to be complicated. In fact, there’s nothing too complicated about it. You only need to act strictly according to this step-by-step instruction. As a result, you’ll get a unique decoration for your bedroom that you made yourself. The price of such an article is not so high and, besides, you’ll get an opportunity to feel proud of something you made with your own hands.


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