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How To Make A Workbench

Making your own workbench - it is a small project for the weekend, you have the opportunity to learn new carpentry skills and create something useful with your own hands. Generally speaking, there are many shapes and sizes from which you can choose something for yourself, so you have to decide from the beginning that it will fit your needs.

A piece of smart advice: You can adjust the size of the working area according to your needs. In addition, you can add more features to the project, such as for example, electrical sockets or tool box.

How To Build A Strong Frame

First of all, you have to build the table frame. Therefore, you should choose a perfectly flat surface for assembling the sides. Use a tape measure and level to check all sides, otherwise the final project will not have a neat appearance. Attach the board to the legs and drill a few holes before installing the screws. Make at least 15 mm from the edge, to avoid splitting the wood.

After that, you should attach the boards at the front and back in order to gather together the sides of the workbench. As you can see in the picture, we recommend using 2×6 boards.

After that, insert the top of plywood or chipboard. Screw the worktop to the frame, making from the edges of at least 15 mm.

The next stage of the project - internally reinforce the frame, for this we use boards with sawn ends at an angle of 45º, we will need 4 pieces and they should be the same.

If you want to get strong joints, we recommend that you install an additional pair of boards on the outside of the table. Fix the external braces to add rigidity to the frame.

Last, but not least - fill the holes in the wood with putty, and then sand the entire surface with sandpaper of medium grain. Make sure the workbench is standing on its legs and does not falter.


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