Laila Mason

How To Make Picture Frames

This master class will tell you how to make a picture frame like this one.

You will need:

  • a few ceiling borders;
  • wood coating;
  • black or dark brown acrylic paint;
  • gold acrylic paint;
  • acrylic varnish;
  • superglue;
  • a piece of cardboard or an old box;
  • a picture.

You may use a face side of a box of chocolates as a basis for the picture. Mark the work side. To do this you need to cut the picture carefully and put it on the box. Then trace it with a marker from all sides measuring the future frame. Do it with the top and a side.

Cut the ceiling border watching the joint angle to be neat and accurate.

Carefully glue the frames of ceiling border to the cardboard.

Cut the redundant cardboard off.

And now begins the most creative part. Carefully cover the border with the wood coating smearing every roughness. Leave it do dry.

Paint the frame twice using a thin paintbrush each time allowing it to dry.

Squeeze some gold paint out to a horizontal surface.

Take a very small amount of the gold paint using a dry sponge and start making the gilding. You should make light sliding almost weightless moves. After some little effort, you should get something like this.

The only thing left to do is to glue your picture in the frame and hang this composition on a wall.


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