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How To Make A Bottle Tree

A bottle tree is a type of sculpture from recycled glass, which is popular among gardeners. It originated in Egypt, where the bottles were used for the catching of spirits. African slaves also kept the bottle trees near the homes, in order with the help of brilliant colored glass to catch spirits. To make the bottle tree yourself, you will need to collect the bottles and make a "tree" made of steel or wood.

Collecting The Bottles

1. Start collecting the bottles for the bottle tree. Best of all are the bottles of wine and alcoholic beverages of standard size of about 750 ml. To purchase the necessary number of bottles to decorate the tree can be very expensive, so try to reuse as many bottles as possible.

2. Prefer blue bottles. In the folklore associated with trees of bottles, blue is considered to be the best color to deter the spirits. Vodka bottles of blue color can be combined with almost any other color of the bottles for making of multi-colored bottle tree.

3. Remove the labels. Unless you want to promote your favorite drink, you can get rid of the label, moisten them with a mixture of vinegar and water. Remove the labels using a detergent.

Making A Bottle Tree

1. Look for dead or withered trees in your area. Traditionally, the bottle was placed on the branches of dead trees. However, the area in which you live will affect whether you can make it or you will need to make a tree of metal.

2. Buy a frame for the bottle tree if you do not have time to make it. Bottle trees for the garden, which hold from 10 to 30 bottles can be purchased at $ 20 - $ 100.

3. You can buy the frame for the bottle tree from a local blacksmith. If you want to have an exclusive tree it makes sense to invest in the acquisition of a complex structure. If you do not want to spend more than $ 500, it is better to make your own tree.

4. Make a bottle tree of square or round poles for a fence. Dig a hole in the yard and pour a concrete foundation. Insert the pole into the ground and allow the concrete to set.

5. Make a bottle tree of fixtures. In recent years, this material has become very popular because of its durability in all climates. Buy from 10 to 20 pieces of fixture at the metal processing enterprise, metal or large hardware store. The fixture must be in thickness from 1 to 1.3 cm. It can be of different lengths to simulate the branches.

Decoration Of A Bottle Tree

1. Put the bottles in the "branches" of the tree. The fixture must reach the bottom of the bottle, to avoid being blown away.

2. Decorate evenly. Add the bottle on each side to compensate for their weight.

3. Strengthen the foundation of the tree, if it is beginning to wobble. You may need to cement the tree if the soil is not very dense.


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