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How To Make Bookmarks

To create a bookmark, you can use paper, cloth, leather, jewelry, yarn, staples, and so on. You can attach fabric remnants or old jewelry that you do not want to throw away, as you do not need a lot of material for the work. Create a bookmark with your children - it will not only help them to develop the skills for manual work, but also will show them the need to respect books.

Creating A Pompon Bookmark

A charming bookmark with a fluffy pompon will please both you and the children - they will be happy to help you make it. This little fluffy ball will create a tender smile on faces of people who will receive this bookmark, and will remind them of you.

You need:

  • Yarn;
  • Scissors.

Before you start making pompons, cut two threads 20-25 cm and 38 cm long from the yarn and put them aside - you will need them later.

1. Take the end of the thread in one hand and start to wrap it around the folded fingers of the other hand. Make about 90-100 turns – do not tighten the thread too much.

2. Cut the thread and carefully remove the resulting skein with fingers. Wrap the middle of a skein with a thread (20-25 cm long), fasten it tightly and tie a knot.

3. To make a "tail" of the bookmark, take a long thread (38 cm) and tie it to a thread, by which you have just wrapped a skein.

4. Now take a skein and begin to cut these loops by threading a pair of scissors into a loop of yarn. Do not forget to constantly rotate the skein. You should get a fluffy pompon, which you should "cut" now.

5. Use scissors to trim the pompon, giving it a neat round shape. Try not to cut the "tail" of the bookmark. Regularly rotate the pompon and crop the excess threads on all sides, until you are satisfied with the result. Even children can make this bookmark. A book with a handmade bookmark can be a great gift to your favorite teacher.


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