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How To Make A Veil

To sew a veil with your own hands is easier than ever! This will require simple materials available in any store, and a little time. This will allow you to show off by a dress element made with your own hand and not purchased in the salon.

Materials needed:

  • Plastic comb;
  • The fabric for sewing 0, 5 – 0, 7 m, if you wish it to waist length;
  • 50 cm narrow satin ribbon of white color.
  • Decorative cord for decoration of fabrics;
  • White silk flowers for decorating the comb;
  • Needles, white threads.

Sewing Technology Of A Wedding Veil

Step 1. Combs.

When you choose a comb, pay attention to the most simple, unadorned. It is desirable that it has extensive plastic teeth, and it can be easily removed, without clinging the hair.

Such combs are the best choice, as they are the perfect semi-finished product.

Step 2. Cutting of fabric.

Fold the tulle in half and cut the lower edges so that you have such a rounding.

Step 3. Finishing of edges.

You can choose absolutely any finishing tape or braid. But the most elegant version is a white decorative cord.

As a result, you should get a neat finishing edge.

Step 4: Assembly.

Usually the veil is made of two layers. It's beautiful and comfortable, you can cover the face, throwing the top layer forward. Of course, the top layer of the product should be shorter than the lower.

Step 5. Fastening.

Attach the comb to the place of fabric assembly. Attention, you should sew the tulle to the front side of the comb, turning its teeth up. This is the most convenient option.

Step 6. Embroidered satin ribbon.

By thick needle sew the tape around the base of the comb, threading it through each tooth. When you get to the edge, it is desirable to do the same thing in another direction. It can hide the seams and give a stable fit.

Step 7. Decoration by flowers.

It is better if you get not the separate flowers but the ones attached to the decorative base or a ribbon. Thus they will be much easier sewn to the comb. Good look will have artificial pearls, rhinestones and feathers.

If you do it right, the result is supposed to be as such.


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