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How To Make Wedding Invitations

A vantage wedding invitation can be done with your own hands. In order to do it you’ll need thick designer cardboard, a printer, lace and ribbons. Also, you’ll need to keep working hard for a couple of evenings. Be sure that the result will be more impressive than you expect. Your guests will appreciate the efforts you made working with lace. A detailed instruction on how to make wedding invitation is here, in our masterclass.

You’ll need

  • A sheet of thick, designer cardboard of 15*30 cm in size;
  • An inset with the text of the invitation written on it. The paper on that the invitation is written should be less thick and of 15*30 cm in size;
  • A module with names of the guests and the date of the wedding printed on it. The size is 5*5 cm;
  • A ribbon;
  • A piece of lace;
  • Glue (You’d better take an instant “Crystal” glue);
  • A bilateral adhesive tape (not necessary);
  • Scissors.

A step-by-step instruction

1. Cut off a piece of the ribbon according to the size of the invitation. Leave allowance in order to glue the invitation (15*30 cm). The ribbon will be approximately 35 cm in length.

2. Cut off a piece of lace. The length should be the same as the length of the ribbon.

3. Take a template for the cover, the pieces of the ribbon and lace that you cut off.

4. Put the piece of lace on the cover. Leave some bend allowance on the lace.

5. Put the inner part of the invitation with the written text on it in the cover. Glue the lace to the cover from the inner side. This side will be covered by the inset with the text.

6. Take the ribbon.

7. Glue the ribbon on the lace. This should be done on the backside of the cover.

8. Repeat the steps 5-7 to fasten the lace and ribbon from the opposite side to the invitation.

9. You now should have the same template as the one you can see on the picture.

10. Glue the cover and the inset with each other. You may use either glue or a bilateral adhesive tape.

11. The profile of the invitation should look the way it is shown on the picture.

12. Now you only need to glue the module with the name of a guest and the date of the wedding to the ribbon. The module should be glued to the center of the invitation.

A vantage wedding invitation is ready!


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