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How To Make A Ballerina Out Of Paper

Such hanging decorations which designed for dangling from the ceiling can be made double, as well as threefold and  and so forth. Their multiplicity depends on the size of ready-made snowflakes, on length of a thread and the room place where they would dangle. For example, you can make such garlands of small length so that they would not take up a lot of space. And it is possible to create a composition of snowflakes which would hang from a ceiling right to a floor.

To cut out a snowflake, it is necessary to take an A4-sized sheet of paper. It must be folded in half diagonally. Cut off the excess strip of paper, thereby providing the equilateral square formation. This square needs in its turn to be folded several times diagonally so that the bend line could be accurately visible. The corner from which the snowflake will be cut out must be folded as it is shown in the picture. You can cut out any pattern which you have enough imagination to draw.

Such snowflake could become a beautiful and unusual short skirt for your paper ballerina. Having made several different snowflakes, you may dress each ballerina in her personal dress.

Ballerinas can be different, too. For instance, one of them would be a danseuse balancing on her one leg.

Or gracefully curved danseuse with her hands raised up. Such figure is convenient to use because it is possible to stretch a thread between her hands and to hang her easily up at any place of your choice.

Consider one more embodiment of ballerina out of paper to diversify your garland with different decoration figures.

Each figure can be transferred carefully to a sheet of paper or printed as ready-made stencil. Ballerinas may be of any size, but it is the most convenient to compose them on an A5-sized sheet of paper, because then the two whole figures would be located on the album page.


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