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How To Sew A Swimsuit

When the summer season comes, all the girls begin to think of buying new bathing swimsuits for seashore rendezvous. Of course, no one even consider to put on the last year's swimsuits because they are already out of fashion or have dissatisfied by something (have stretched, have torn or have become colorless). In this article you will learn how to make a swimsuit by your own hands for you would be happy with it.

So, it is required to you:

  • some fabric of 1-1,2 m (elastic, cotton or silk);
  • scissors, sewing accessories;
  • elastic band up to 1 cm thick - 3 m;
  • bikini swimsuit pattern;
  • sewing machine.

For this making you can use a ready-made pattern or to take your old bathing suit. Cut out details of swimming trunks D1, D2 and D1-D2 from the piece of fabric according to the patterns increased to the necessary size with account of an over-measure allowances for round stitches of 1,5 cm.

Sew these details together.

Tuck the hems twice, pin them up and stitch with threads of the same color as fabric by means of the sewing machine.

Sew elastic band with a wide zigzag stitch, stretching it to the necessary length all along the hemmed edges. For the top of swimming trunks and openings for legs take the elastic band to your own measures so that these parts fit your body tightly, but not squeeze. For fore-part and back you have to halve total fabric length measure. As a result, the cloth of swimming trunks would gather in sweeping fashioned and evenly located folds.

Sew on each side. The bottom of your swimsuit is ready.

Cut out the top details from the fabric: D3 – 2 pieces, D4-D7 – 1 piece for each one, with account of a over-measure allowances for round stitches of 1,5 cm.

Hem edges above and below the both details D3, then stitch the elastic band to them with a wide zigzag line of threads. Elastic bands need to be taken equal to lengths of circles over the breast-part and under the breast-part. Divide them in half if these measures vary widely and rather different, and if not then live the elastic bands identical.

Sew the edges of the bodice together.

The detail D4 must be folded in half. Stitch it from both main sides by means of the sewing machine. Then, turn this detail inside out through the third side.

Iron the preparation of a bow, Tuck the edges inside from the third side and sew with a lockstitch.

Put the rectangle D6 in half, Stitch it from both sides by means of the sewing machine and then turn this detail inside out.

Attach the bow to the bodice having them wrapped by the described above cloth strip. Fix the whole assembly by tightening the cloth strip in the center as by a ring. Sew this ring and hide the seam, having turned it out to the inner side of the top of your swimsuit.

Fix to the bodice all of four edges of the bow in couple of stitches.
Make a smaller bow for the swimming trunks using details D5 and D7 in much the same way. Sew it on the center behind, having all four corners fixed.

Now your swimsuit is ready!


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