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How To Draw A Dolphin

It is not difficult at all to draw a dolphin, because it looks pretty much like a fish, which almost every child can draw. The thing is to draw the head correctly and to keep some other proportions. The drawing will be accurate if you make it step by step. Use a lead pencil first and then color it with crayons or paint.

1. Draw an oval body line

Drawing a bended dolphin first of all try to deliver its grace. Thus, you need to draw its outline with smooth lines and desirably in a single movement. It is easy to draw a dolphin. The point is to draw a convex body with fins and an elongated "nose". Draw this simple lines of the body, head and the tail at the first step.

2. Draw the lines of the tail and the fins

Now add some more lines like here. It is not necessary to draw the initial lines perfectly because you will correct them or erase afterwards. The point is to mark the body and the head’s proportions.

3. The outline of the body, the head and the fins

Make sure that all the proportions are precise and connect all the parts of the body with the tail. Draw a line dividing the tail in halves with a smooth solid line. If there are straight lines left on the drawing you’d better bend them a little. The dolphin looks gracefully. The fins should not be too big or too small. Try to draw them as precise as you can. Draw the upper fin first then two side fins and then the tail fin divided in halves.

4. How to draw the dolphin’s head

After this adjustments are done you can erase the old lines after you drew the head. It is not difficult to do just copy the picture below. Don’t forget to round the dolphin’s nose and to draw the line for its mouth and eyes. The dolphin is almost done. You can add some details and do some thinking about what background to draw.

5. The final step

You need to check the proportions at this step and to correct some small details. Make sure that the dolphin is alright and start shading it with the pencil.

6. Shading with a pencil

If you draw the dolphin just to exercise shade the drawing with a pencil. Shades will give it volume and make it vivid. But if you are drawing a picture, for example, a dolphin jumping from the sea, you need to color it with crayons or paint for sure.


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