Norah Meyer

How To Draw A Kangaroo

Every kangaroo’s feature is heavy hind legs and a thick long tail. It is easier to draw a kangaroo step by step. Draw the outline of the body and head first. Then keep drawing the pretty picture step by step and color it with crayons or paint. Let’s have a try. This kangaroo was drawn on a graphic tablet.

1. The outline.

Kangaroo probably looks more like a hare. Long hind legs and short front ones. The only difference is tail. Make some marks and draw two overlapping circles not to fail the proportions. Move left a little and draw another contour. Connect it with the two other with a curve.

2. Draw the head, legs and tail.

Add the head, legs and tail. Front kangaroo’s legs are short, so draw the straight line. Its hind legs are very long and are bended almost at a right angle. You can draw the tail of any shape. Draw a small circle above the chest. It will be the kangaroo’s neck and head.

3. Body and head’s outline.

Previously you only made the outline using circles and lines. Now you have to trace the contour with a pencil and draw the outline of the body, legs and tail. Do not press the pencil too much. You might possibly need to erase some lines.

4. How to draw the head and ears.

You can erase the unnecessary lines now or you can do it at the next step. Anyway, you need to draw the head now tracing the outline. Then erase it after marking the eyes, nose and mouth with small circles. Draw the ears on the top of the head.

5. Complete the drawing.

Now erase all the unnecessary lines and draw the details of the head and legs in. You can do the coloring now or just shade it with a pencil. Don’t forget to draw the claws. It is a small but still important feature. It will be easier for you to color the kangaroo if you are drawing it big enough. But you will have to draw many small details like eyes and others more thoroughly. If the drawing is small you can do the shading partially and draw the eyes, nose, and mouth not that distinctively neglecting the small details.

6. Final stage.

Shade or color the drawing completely at this stage using crayons or paint. Draw the background if you want to. You can often meet a kangaroo near the sea shore in Australia. It is easy to draw a horizontal line and a sand shore. The drawing will be more interesting if you add other kangaroos behind the big one. Because kangaroos live in troops.


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