Genesis Gomez

How To Draw A Heart

1. Firstly, make the ovoid shape for the heart and add a vertical line in the middle. Once this is done, draw the shape of the wings, which look like the outline of the moose’s antlers. Now you can go to the next step.

2. In this step, you start pulling the feathers on each of the wings, as shown in this picture. Make sure that the shape of each feather is sophisticated and similar to neighboring. Next, draw the shape of the heart, which is pretty easy to do - a line with two semi ovals and a triangle below.

3. Now you are on your last stage. All you need to do is to finish the sketch of angel wings. Once you do that, you can draw a round shape of the halo, and then the form a winding tape. Add some feathers on the wings. Erase all the auxiliary lines and forms, and draw the outline with a thicker line to complete this lesson.

4. Next, use your imagination. You can paint the drawings of the heart at your discretion. Of course, it is popular to make a red heart, a yellow halo and wings with a blue tint, but nobody forbids you to experiment with color.


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