Emery Holmes

How To Draw A Tiger

What kind of cat is it? It is large and orange and it’s not Garfield for sure! Here’s an article on how to draw a tiger!

1. Begin drawing a few basic shapes. Make a circle for the head and make another one a bit smaller for the nose. Add some more circles for the face.

2. Draw two triangles with rounded edges for the ears and smaller triangles inside each of them. Draw a diamond for the nose and a flipped «Y» for the mouth. Add two small circles for the eyes.

3. Draw three ovals for the body. Draw a small one which is the neck and two big ones for the rest of the body.

4. Add two small ovals for the legs. Draw small circles at each leg with small ovals for the paws.

5. Add two strips for the tail. They should be thicker at the beginning and rounded at the end.

6. Draw the other details. Add some fur, whiskers and claws. Don’t forget about the stripes! It’s the most important feature.

7. Trace the lines and add some color. Don’t forget to erase the sketch lines and use mostly brown and orange.


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