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How To Draw A Simple Flower

Perhaps, there is no anywhere in the world a person, who at least once in a lifetime stopped to admire flowers. Their bright coloring, wonderful aroma and unearthly beauty inspire poets, induce artists to create, spur on to some exploits.

Here is a wonderful option to draw several flowers and please your friends, presenting them a masterpiece on paper. In the meantime, it is a chance to learn something new. Is it a go?

Divine Irises

It is a symbol of wisdom, trust and a hope. Van Gogh himself painted them on his famous canvases. And Claude Monet did not just depict irises on pictures, but he also skillfully decorated his own garden with them.

Charming Poppies

It is a symbol of eternal youth and timeless beauty. This beautiful flower grows in Europe, North America and some regions of Asia (China and India). The drawing of graceful poppies is a wonderful gift for your mother, grandmother or sister.

How To Draw Cornflowers

This blue flower symbolizes cordial purity, modesty and tenderness. The word is that cornflowers possess magic power and protect a house against sinister forces.

Significant Sunflowers

They are a symbol of work, abundance, and, of course, of the Sun, to the side of which they always turn their heads. Moreover, sunflowers are also a symbol of the Motherland. They strain towards the Sun as a person, who is always with the motherland in his or her mind.

Delicate Bluebells

This is a hint that someone is thinking about You. Therefore, if you want to do a pleasant surprise for your friend, draw precisely this flower as the sign that you often think about him or her.


According to Greeks, they symbolize pride and vanity. And the Japanese regard them as a sign of a silent beauty and joy.


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