Mckenna Jacobs

How To Draw Cartoon Eyes

Cartoon and comic book eyes are similar to the eyes from real life. Geometric shapes however, are used for comic book eyes. Regardless of the style of your drawing, eyes can always be broken down into some basic shapes. That’s why it is very important to relentlessly practice in drawing some basic shapes. As soon as you learn to draw basic shapes, you will be able to draw an eye structure.

Eyes in manga and comic books are very different in style. Some are very simple like the eye in the left; others can look very dramatic, like the one in the middle. Some eyes can be a mix of both of those eyes (the eye in the right).

A highlight in the eye is very essential as it makes it look alive. Real eyes have wet surface and that is what makes em have highlights. A drawn eye without a highlight will look dead. No need to make the highlight too dramatic, you can make it look softer:

It is very important to understand the shape of the eyes and eyelids. Also, you need to consider if your eyes are open or shut:

When speaking of eyes, don’t underestimate the eyebrows significance. The eyebrows add to the emotions evoked by the eyes. When you draw the eyebrows, you can add a more dramatic look to the character.

Now let’s draw an eye step by step. Start with the basic outline; add a pupil and an iris. Don’t forget the source of the light that shines at your character. Think of the eyelid. Darken the pupil and start to sketch the upper and lower parts of the eye. Don’t detail the eye until you give it the expression you needed.


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