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How To Draw A Truck

Complex drawings are usually easier to draw with simple steps. Learn to draw requires patience and practice. Learn how to draw a truck, following the steps shown below.

Truck Mack

1. Draw a rectangle for the main part of the truck.

2. Draw a smaller rectangle for the hood. It must cross the previously drawn rectangle and divide it into two parts. The right hand side must be within a larger rectangle.

3. Draw a long rectangle for the bottom of the truck.

4. Draw four ovals for truck wheels.

5. Draw a slanted rectangles for windows and windshield of the truck.

6. Draw some arches for the wheels, for splashers.

7. Draw a rectangle divided by lines in front of the truck for the radiator grille.

8. Add a semi-rectangle with curved part in the left upper part of a truck.

9. Add different rectangles for doors, exhaust pipe and a gasoline tank of the truck.

10. On the basis of the scheme draw a truck.

11. Add the details of the wheels, headlights and exhaust pipe. Draw some lines, windshield wipers and logo on the main body of the truck.

12. Erase unnecessary lines.

13. Paint your truck!


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