Mckenna Jacobs

How To Draw Batman

1. Draw a large vertical oval, in which our superhero will be placed. Sketch the outlines of his body, hands, feet and head.

2. Draw the head of Batman and his formidable face in the mask. Highlight the cheekbones, which have grown big from tension.

3. Now, draw the shoulders and the arms until the elbows. The hero’s arms are crossed here.

4. Complete the outlines of the hands.

5. Highlight the details of the hands and fingers.

6. Add the powerful torso until the waist.

7. Now, draw the right leg of Batman.

8. Now, draw the left leg and the superhero’s panties, dressed over the suit.

9. For flying Batman needs a cape, which you have to draw now.

10. Highlight the symbols of the superhero – the bat on the chest and the spikes on the gloves.

11. Remove all unnecessary guidelines by careful wiping with an eraser.

12. Paint the Batman, and now it is done!

Here we figured out, how to draw Batman. This tutorial is helpful even for those, who do not know how to draw at all.


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