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How To Draw A Carrot

Drawing vegetables and fruits doesn’t take much time. However, you get the opportunity to learn how to depict easy and, at the same time, complicated things. Here we’ll show you how to draw a carrot in pencil. If you think that you may simply take a pencil and draw any kind of form that looks like a carrot, you are mistaken. Each plant has its own unique features. If you do not draw these unique details, an observer won’t see what exactly that is that you wanted to depict. He or she will see something different.

See our step-by-step instruction and learn the basics.

A Step-By-Step Instruction On How To Draw A Carrot In Pencil

The first step. We draw a large figure in the form of a cucumber. Over the figure, we draw a small “cloud”. This is the area where the leaves of the carrot will be.

The second step. Remember that a carrot has a cylindrical form. Therefore, it’s important to show this feature on your picture. We start drawing the leaves in a more detailed way.

The third step. We erase the sketching lines and draw over the outline. Actually, a carrot is a simple root-like plant. Therefore, you need to draw a small sprout at the bottom of it.

The fourth step. All we have left to do is add shades. It’s important not to hurry and spend some time on it. Even though it’s the last thing to do, it’s the most important one.


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