Genesis Gomez

How To Draw A Frog

Step-By-Step Instruction

1. It is very simple to draw a frog. You need to start with two ovals: one large for the body of the frog, and the other one - a little smaller - is the head of the frog. Then, add the neckline.

2. The legs of the frog also consist of ovals. Draw the ovals on its’ feet. Add two arcs on its’ head - it will be the eyes of the frog.

3. Now add the legs and fingers. Draw a mouth, eyes and nose.

4. Next, remove the part of the auxiliary lines (which you do not need anymore) to obtain the image with smooth and precise contour.

5. The frog is ready, and now you can paint it in green.

A Drawing Of A Frog With Original Photos

1. We start with the basic forms of the image, as it was at the last time. Pay attention to the shape of the frog’s body. Note that the body of the frog is oval and elongated in one end.

2. Now draw the frog's legs. The forearm of the forelimb should be more thickened. The hind feet should be drown as normal ovals. Add the arcs over the eyes. Draw the eyes and mouth. Draw fingers on the paws. The frog has a pattern coloring, so try to draw the curved lines along the body of the frog, which extend to the head and pass through the eye to the nose.

3. To end the drawing, remove the support lines, leaving only the basic outlines. Try to outline them with smoother and sharper lines. You can also add a relief of the frog skin.

4. You can color the frog with the same color as in the photo.


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