Summer Gardner

How To Draw A Gun

Before you draw a gun, it will be better if you see how it looks. You can see the pictures of guns on the websites of the biggest weapon manufacturers: Glock, Sig Sauer etc.

If you divide a gun in separate parts, it consists of simple geometrical figures. So, lets divide a gun in basic figures. The main parts of a gun include: a gun barrel, a trigger guard and a handle.

Now, it is necessary to draw the hole for the blow-off of the shell casing and draw from it horizontal lines up to the front part of the gun barrel. After that, we draw vertical lines close to each other. They are located near the back part of the gun.

We draw over the whole outline of the gun making the corners a bit round. We start drawing the back part of the gun, the breech side and the rear sight.

Then, we draw the trigger pull and the front sight. After that, we draw the trigger and several lines and tiny details that will underline the form of the gun.

The only thing left is to draw the handle and the safety lock.

We need to erase all unnecessary lines.

That’s all. We only need to colour our gun keeping in mind from what side the light falls on the gun, which of the edges will be dark and which ones will be light.


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