Gabriella Campbell

How To Draw A Car

At this lesson, we are going to find out how to draw a car with a pencil!

The Way To Draw A Car With A Pencil Step-By-Step

1. Draw in outline. All lines should be free and smooth. Try to minimize acute angles. Begin to draw from the base, outline the auto top and further show bonnet and windscreen lines. To be more exact, these are auxiliary lines in this stage. Draw wheels: the thing, which is situated closer to us, is a little bigger, than the far one.

2. Now we need to draw the windscreen in detail. At the same time go by the drawn auxiliary lines. Let`s draw a rear view mirror.

3. Draw side windows from the bonnet. At the same time, extend the bonnet line to the boot and already then seemingly draw windows themselves and show a side view mirror. Draw a line lengthwise the side, it will give prominence to your auto. Draw radiator coating in the front, at the intersection of auxiliary lines: several nearly parallel lines and the firm sign of the manufacturer concern on the crosspiece itself. Further, draw headlights. At the same time, again, rely on your auxiliary lines.

4. Draw the bottom in detail, draw out the bumper. Pay attention as we see wheels from under splashes. Show doors. Go further.

5. Show lines of the bodyshell salient on the bonnet. Draw the cross of the Mercedes badge in detail. Draw door handles. Now one needs to depict a pattern on the bumper. The pattern must turn not 2D, but three-dimensional. To do this, seemingly repeat the figure outlines on one side.

You are not far off the result. Here one needs to make an effort: Wheel disks. Draw both the cross and arcs to show a wide tire and a three-dimensional disc.

6. Rub off everything – all auxiliary lines! Well, four wheels are ready! One can also run the contour!


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