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How To Draw Goku

There isn’t, probably, a single person who Son Goku is. Even though years have passed, he still stays on the greatest anime characters. In this article, we’ll tell you how to draw this famous superhero – the greatest Sayan Goku.

The Order Of Your Actions

Draw a circle in the form of an egg. Firstly, draw the basic circle for the head. Then, draw the form of the egg in a better way. This way you’ll get a closer to life sketch of the head.

Sketch the lines that show the location of the facial features and details. Draw 4 horizontal and 1 vertical line. With the help of them you’ll be able to draw eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth.

Draw ears and make the sketch of the face more detailed. It is necessary to draw 6 skew dashes on the directrixes of the face that you drew earlier. They will show you more precisely the location of the face elements. The lines of the ears should be on one level with the directrixes of the eyebrows, eyes and nose.

Draw the cheekbones line.

Goku muscular neck. Usually the neck is drawn as thick as is enough to hold the head since the majority of male anime characters are rather thin and high. However, all this is different when we are drawing Goku. He is the strongest fighting for good character that has ever existed. He has a muscular body that underlines how strong he is.

Sketch the outline of the body.

Draw Goku’s unique hairdo. Start making a sketch of it with drawing sticking out pointed curls with the help of curved lines.

Go on drawing the hairdo with adding the forelock.

Draw eyebrows. They should be thick. The majority of male anime characters have thick eyebrows. This helps us understand that they are male characters. Also, thanks to them there is a bigger range of facial expressions.

Draw eyes.

Draw a nose.

Finish drawing the face with drawing lips.

Draw ears and the chin line better.

Draw the body lines better. One of the Goku’s characteristic features is a muscular body. That’s why try drawing muscles that can be noticed at once.

Draw the details of hair.

Draw the details of Goku’s clothes.

Colour the picture with main colours.

Add the background.

Go on applying shades. Assume that light is located on the right area of the picture. This means that the shades shoulb be located on the left side.

Finish your picture with applying patches of reflected light.


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