Paisley Edwards

How To Draw A Beach

One of the fancy peculiarities of having a rest at the sea is not, actually, the sea itself. It’s much more important to buy lots of various magnets and trinkets that can be hanged on to the refrigerator. Otherwise, the time spend at the sea won’t be considered as a rest. The thing is that there are lots of places where a man can sunbathe, but only in Crimea can a man buy original Crimea shells made in Vietnam.

Photos or paintings (if you’re an artist) may be one more evidence of the fact that you have had a great holiday time. While we are looking forward to summer holidays, we may get ready beforehand and find out how to draw a beach in pencil.

A Step-by-step Instruction On How To Draw A Beach In Pencil

The first step. Making a sketch. First of all, we need to mark the location of the objects on a sheet of paper. You are free to depict whatever you want. As for us, we marked the location of a deck chair, sunshade and either several palm trees or other various exotic plants.

The second step. We add some details to the objects we mentioned earlier.

The third step. We draw in a more detailed way the sunshade and deck chair. We also carefully draw the leaves of the palm trees.

The fourth step. We add sea and clouds on the background. We make hatching on the foreground. The sketch is ready. This is what we have:


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