Layla Perez

How To Draw Shoes

This article will teach you how to draw high heels shoes, T-shirts, sandals and shoes for men. Let’s proceed!

High Heel Shoes

1. Draw a curve and a straight line to indicate the shape of high heels.

2. Add the outlines of feet.

3. Add basic style of shoes.

4. Add additional details.

5. Draw the basic features of sandals with high heels.

6. Erase the lines of the sketch.

7. Paint.


1. Draw a large oval. It will outline the contours of the shoe.

2. Outline a semicircle in the upper right corner of the oval.

3. Add a basic shape of the shoe.

4. Outline the main features of the shoe.

5. Outline the style of the shoe.

6. Draw the main features of the shoe.

7. Erase the sketch lines and add additional details.

8. Paint the shoe to your liking.


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