Evelyn Moore

How To Draw A Dragon

1. Out of this step-by-step instruction you’ll find out how to draw a dragon on a sheet of paper. Let’s start with drawing guide lines for the head, the body and legs of the dragon.

2. Now we need to draw and point out the neck, the body and the tail of the dragon. Then we start marking a place for its wings.

3. Now let’s start drawing the head of the dragon. Let’s draw an open jaw full of sharp teeth, also eyes, nostrils, horns and spikes on the head of the dragon.

4. The next step is drawing muscular legs.

5. Now let’s draw the wings. Once you do it, you may get to the next step.

6. We draw spikes on the back and tail of the dragon. Then, we point out squama on the belly and neck of the dragon.

7. Let’s add a bit more shadows to the body and the neck of the dragon. We point out the wings and draw each tiny detail of them.

8. Now we need to make the legs look more bulky. Then, let’s point out shadow on the tail, feet and under the dragon.

9. On this stage we will point out the dragon’s squama.

10. That’s all! The picture of the dragon is ready and you now may add it to your collection. We wish you good lick and can’t wait to meet you again!


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