Layla Perez

How To Draw A Balloon

Aerostat is the right name of a balloon. But no one cares about it, for us it is just a usual spherical object which can rise up to the height of a bird's flight due to heated air. It is rarely used as means of transportation. It is usually used more like an attraction, like a ferris wheel. To ride this wonderful thing is a dream of every girl. It is very romantic, scary and fun. And yes, exactly in that order.

How To Draw A Balloon Step By Step

Step 1. Draw this shape.

Step 2. Now make it smoother, you should get geometric figures.

Step 3. Remove auxiliary lines, go over the outline once again.

Step 4. Divide it into slices like a clementine.

Step 5. Now do the same, but draw horizontal lines. And do not forget to draw the basket.


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